1. a beautiful sweet gift from Kinsey, all the way from India.  i cant wait to fill this baby up.
2. a copy of artful blogger
3. with my blog banner in it!!!
4. we put up our christmas tree last night
5. my beautiful journal from miss money bags, a sweet gift made from my mom's shirt fabric
6. bella's new soft bed that she is obsessed with
7. i found the perfect hat - target // beautiful scarf c/o chicwish

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I have taken about a million instagram photos since the last time I shared (not that long ago).  So today's post is a huge photo dump of the last few weeks of life.  I absolutely love the ease of taking photos throughout the day with my phone, otherwise, most of these moments would not have been captured.  It will never take the place of real quality photography, but for daily moments, its the best thing ever.  By the way, have you seen how Instagram made your profile page look?  Pretty cool!  Here is mine.

All good days start with the music behind them right?  A few tunes I enjoyed this week.

Having these kids at my house.  Precious full of life girls these are.

These moments that happened during Katelyn's visit.  So many more, but these were some of my favorites.  Especially capturing both girls dancing in the living room.  And watching James interact with them.  Priceless.

Our photoshoots.  We only got a few behind the scenes of day two since James was there to help us.

Endless hours editing, editing, editing.  the work on this upcoming lookbook has been non stop and I'm about to pass out it seems, but I know it will be so worth it and I absolutely can't wait to release it on the 13th.  And then actually clean my house, ha.

So much good food has been consumed.  (along with lots of not so good food this week.  Ive been so bad and have been eating chips and dip for lunch, seriously).

Rearranged the house a bit after company.  Bundled tons of sage.

And yes of course, feet shots.  Because that's what I do.

The past two weekends in a row we helped my brother move.  I got to spend time with my family, spend the night with my nanna, play with my nephew Aiden, go out for a girls night out with my women.  Good stuff.

I managed to snag several shots of my boy.  Without begging.  That's the best part.

I got to wear beanies, test out James new tshirts coming soon to his shop, wore my hair straight alot and fell in love it, then got a hair cut which was a very bad idea.  Oh, and I ate a massive carrot.

Took countless pics of my kitty Bella laying all over the house.  It's so cute how many different places I find her.  She is the ultimate lounger, let me tell you.

When I could, I squeezed in reading and a bit of IChing.  I'm taking my time through the last part of Women Who Run With Wolves.  Enjoying every word.

Even just taking time out to post this blog feels lavish.  Time to get back to work on the collective.  I forget each time how much is involved towards the end.  I could use a team of 10 working around the clock for real.  Katelyn has been a saving grace for how much she has helped me out with this project!  I'm not sure if I'll be back at all until monday, but I have a fun giveaway for you... and then tuesday is the big release!!!  

If your name is Danielle Covington or Kristal of Swabbycat, PLEASE email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail (dot) com by Sunday to claim your winning.  Otherwise I will be drawing a new winner for the blowfish shoes giveaway and the love, life and babies giveaway.  Thank you so very much.

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If you haven't noticed yet, I'm kind of an addict to instagram.  Yikes!  I grouped a bunch of sets together from the past few weeks.
S C R E E N   S H O T S
1. typography  //  2. tunnel vision  //  3. outfit post  //  4. james sawing

D A Y   I N   B E D
1. snuggling  //  2. maca cacao shake  //  3. day in bed  //  4. chris isaak

Y U M M Y   E A T S
1. tomatoes + broccoli  //  2. pasta  //  3. pesto pasta  //  4. yummy lunch

G I F T S   F R O M   S W E E T   S O U L S
1. from spiral drift  //  2. from squam workshops  //  3. from abbe  //  4. from sun and glory

M Y   F U R R I E S
1. violet chowing on a grubworm  //  2. bella helping me work //  3. bella lounging  //  4. violet loving

H A M M O C K   T I M E
1. bella chillin in the hammock  //  2. me in hammock  //  3. me in hammock  //  4. reading in hammock

F A M I L Y   T I M E
1. me and my nanna  //  2. ditto  //  3. james with amber  //  4. amber my nannas pup

S T Y L E   L O V E
1. bcfootwear boots  //  2. outfit love  //  3. neil young tee  //  4. blowfish moccs

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Some instagram snapshots from the past week or so.

1. my daily cup of coffee in my special mug from my friend Rain.
2. playing kissy face with my phone.
3. bella being silly on the picnic bench.
4. threads - blowfish sandals
5. giving my plant healing energy from being broken.
6. seashell and wood fossil
7. old thick seashell against a potted plant.
8. my moms old red buddha.
9. tom petty - wildflowers
10. my first cup of hot cocoa this season
11. reading in women who run with the wolves.
12. got my first pair of bcfootwear boots.
13. rearranged lots of plants.
14. my moms little jade buddha.
15. bella laying in the sacred space.
16. pretty old sea glass.
17. first sun ray in the morning.
18. bella laying on the picnic bench.
19. reading disfunkshion magazine (blowfish tennis)
20. my bed upon waking. 

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