Going Within >>>

Ive been finding myself lately retreating back within myself.  My head feels full and my body feels sluggish.  Not because Im super busy, Im really not.  I think its more of the transitionings happening within myself, are making me process a bit slower than usual.  There have been so many days I almost got on here and poured my heart out, but something keeps me from doing so.  Ive been finding myself quieter than usual and a bit more spacey.  Spacey as in... just staring off and getting lost in thought easily.  Well, and doing things like putting the butter in the cupboard instead of the fridge, so really I guess just spacey!  It took me 4 days just to order vitamins... simply b/c I could not focus long enough to do so.  Things like that.  Im really getting kind of tired of it, but at the same time, trying to honor it as I feel it.  I thought this photo above from my recent lookbook was appropriate... I feel like Im hiding in the shadows right now.  In my own way, quieting down, not worrying about being driven, taking extra time out, honor the season of the north.  I think my foggyness is due to the little amount of time I allowed myself in the past.  Im here.  Learning to be more present within myself.  Struggling at times.  But that is okay.  Ill keep practicing.


Pieces of Home >>>

 1.  This is the sketch I did a few days ago for my next tattoo.  I wanted to make something special just for my daddy.  He was a carpenter, and he made a saw handle that looked just like this (which is a classic old school style saw).  I added two feathers to represent my parents together, and the bottom flower is suppose to be a mountain laurel flower, which holds special meaning for me.  And the most important thing my parents taught me, build love.

 2.  Speaking of my parents, I must say that the friends they left behind are a testament to how amazing they were.  All of their friends always made me feel like I was their friend as well.  And during both of my parents deaths, their friends were right there by our sides.  Today I received this quilt in the mail from a dear friend of theirs, with a note telling me it was just a little something to let me know she thinks of me often.  Im completely speechless and in awe.  It is so beautiful.  And Bella has not removed herself from it all day long!

 3.  I woke up this morning to find it had frozen outside and my hibiscus plant my Nanna gave bit the big one.  Im so very sad about this.  Does anyone know if it will come back next year if it has frozen???  Im so sad.

 4.  I love the way the sun hits frost and makes it shine.  My porch looked pretty this morning.

 5.  My inscence holder and some burning sage, both gifted to me by two lovely ladies I met right here on this very blog.  Love this community!  It makes my house smell so good :)

 6.  Free people catalog.  Although I can never afford anything from here, I still love to oooo and ahhhh over all the pretties, and pretty girls, in the magazines...

 7.  My pony palm I got from my aunt, that I was smart enough to bring in a few weeks ago.  Im loving watching it grow.

 8.  Pieces of a custom christmas present I made.  Sorry I cant show the whole thing.  Maybe one day...

9.  My pine cones.  These were my moms.  She loved pine cones and gave me a love for them since I was a little girl.  We used to have a tree in front of our house that my friends dad planted that grew them.  I loved hunting for them with her.