First off, I think everyone should listen to Fred J. Eaglesmith & The Flying Squirrels. It is so intensely deep, reflective, and tangled in the most streamless way music can be. If you are a fan of bluegrass at all, go check them out now.

Im feeling a bit better today. We had a little party for my mom last night. She was tired and stayed on the couch most of the time. I had a horrible headache, and I was upset for reasons I wont go into, but I slept good, and things are better today. My throat doesnt hurt right now, and my cough is a bit better. It is a beautiful day outside, I should really get outdoors, but I dont know where I would go. Ive become a bit of a recluse lately. I used to always be outdoors in the sun. I loved it too. Maybe when James ankle heals, we can go do more things together outdoors.

I made three photos yesterday that I like. I will share them with you.

Please excuse the quality, Ive noticed this blog sort of distorts photos and makes them a bit blurry, oh well. I hope you enjoy them!

lots of love,