Okay, here are the pictures you guys asked for!

Thank you Jamie, Amber and Olivia!

{Jamie, I did not get my favorite beauty product photographed, but it would either be my Bare Minerals because it covers up all my imperfections, or my "Satu" cologne from Anthropologie that my husband picked out for me to wear on our wedding day, and I love it!}


*this shoulder tattoo is actually a cover up, unfortunately neither of these photos show the whole thing, i just realized. but below the birds is a big magenta peony flower that covers up my first tattoo. it was a black celtic love knot from when i thought i was going to get married at 18, kids, dont get tattooed for your wedding proposal!!!*

I got the cover up with the two birds and the flower when my mom got sick the first time. She lost her hair, eyelashes and breast all to chemo and radiation. At that time we thought she was going to be okay, and she was going through lots of emotions of 'letting go'. Letting go of what made her feel like a woman, letting go of her life before cancer, letting go of so much vanity.

At the same time I was ending a relationship I was in since I was 16, we were together for 8 years. I was dealing with emotions of losing him and possibly losing my mother, so serious emotions of 'letting go' as well.

So I chose two bluebirds of happiness in flight to represent this for me.

This tattoo is only half way done. I got this after my mother passed and it is all about her. I have always wanted an art nouveau piece, and this image just struck me and made me think of her. It is a work from Alphonse Mucha. I changed the colors though. The words say "I WISH I HAD A RIVER I COULD SKATE AWAY ON". They are lyrics to the Joni Mitchel song River. My mother sang this song to me when I was a baby. When I was older we would sing it together, she gave me a serious love for Joni Mitchel. Then as she was dying, I sang it to her when she could no longer sing.

I am planning on adding peacock feathers, butterfly, a cardinal and some other things to it.


This is Violet, my dog.

She loves car rides, nature trailing, ice cream (she only gets a few licks every now and then), sneaking bellas poop from the litter box, wildlife animals like deer and squirrels.
This is Bella, my cat.

She loves being lazy, crafting, the color pink, peas and corn, playing chase.
I am going to do a whole post on these two guys because I have so many adorable photos of them!


This is one of my crafting areas. Pretty much anywhere I am I craft, and Bella ALWAYS finds a way to be near me, see her on the shelf?


I made this stocking for James, I will make one for Violet, Bella and Nico, our bird.
This is my favorite ornament. My mother made it when she was pregnant with my brother, her first child.
And these are my favorite decorations. I made them when I was 9, and they have held up through the years. I always wanted to be the one to put these little angels on the tree each year, I think I was secretly proud that I made them, and I think I still am a bit!


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