Craft Supplies and Giveaway Update

Time to let our little friend go.

I let her stay on the porch last night because it was rainy. I realized she could not fly because half of one side of her wings had been torn off. So this morning, it was no longer wet outside, and the sun was even shining! So I put her in my neighbors bushes, which are low to the ground, so she can crawl around and still be in nature. She probably only had about a day left to her life, since they only live a few days. {which by the way, I think its so ironic that they live in coccoon form for so long to only live for a few days as a beautiful butterfly} I contemplated carrying her with me today, but Im glad I didnt, b/c our day got busy! Plus I decided that was really only gratification on my part and would be taking her away from her natural I let her go.

She danced on my scarf for a minute before though!

I went to the city to visit with my nanna today. Thinking we would just have some quiet time, it ended up an all day shopping marathon. Which was kind of fun b/c I never go shopping anymore, that word hardly exists in my vocabulary it seems. I could of bought a million things for myself at Target, but I refrained. I stuck to crafting items and Xmas supplies...

Here are the goodies I got!

I am going to learn to knit or crochet, so I got some amazing mustard green threads!
-some really cute bird and cage wrapping paper
-some nice tissue paper for xmas and orders
-new clear baggies for orders
-pink paper for my tags in my local shop
-2 pairs of fancy scissors (on sale)
-1 handmade stamp
-hole puncher for my calendar
-necklace clasps
-ribbon (just for the heck of it)
-and the most amazing colors of embroidery thread!

Ive never actually bought thread yet, Ive been working out of a bag my mom had. I had no idea the amazing colors, I could of bought them all! I think this might be my new addiction!

And thank you to everyone who is participating in the GIVEAWAY!

I am working on the kinks.
I redid the links to the banners, they now link to my blog.

so for those of you that know html, just click and save the image and link it to my blog.

for those of you who dont, please pick out which image you want to use and I will send you the code. But dont respond in that thread, email me here:

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