Rainy Day

Well...my period decided to creep up on my this morning at about 4 am. So needless to say, today is a yucky day. I ache all over and dont feel like doing anything. This is the most I can make myself do.

Last night's Girls Night at my house ended up just being me and my friend Bird. She is the girl I use to wait tables with at the restaurant I left. I still love her friendship. We do not see each other that often anymore, but we formed such a close bond while working together that the closeness does not leave between us no matter the time or distance.

I made her my pink margaritas with my pink blender, yes, in martini glasses! I got these glasses for my wedding, and use them all the time, but Ive never had a martini before :)

My margaritas consist of:
frozen pink lemonade concentrate
I negro modelo especial (or any beer)

ratio as you desire your sweetness and strength of booze!

oh soooo yummy...

The light looked so pretty coming through my kitchen window this morning, I had to photograph this. This is a stained glass window hanging that some friends of ours made for our wedding gift. They used the photograph I had sent in my invitations and transferred it onto glass. I love it so much.

So...I am thinking of joining this bandwagon here on blogger...If there is anything you would like to see from my life in a photograph, let me know. I will put together all of the requests and make a post some time next week!

This poor little guy was on the ground this cold rainy morning and could not fly. James noticed it on his way out for work. I decided to put him on my porch in hopes that her wings would dry up a bit before I send her off for a second chance at life. I can see her from where I sit here on my computer clinging to the screen on the porch. Im sure she feels trapped, but it is so wet outside and she is all limpy Im afraid to let her go just yet.

I couldnt resist taking a few shots before I brought her in...

This is what I want to do all day long...

I get to spend the day with my Nanna tomorrow, very excited. I dont see her often enough anymore. We will probably sit around and talk and drink tea most of the day. Especially if it is still so rainy.

We had major thunder storms last night, lighting and loud thunder. Our dog Violet kept jumping in bed with us each time it thundered. It was so cute, although I felt so sorry for her, she was scared!

I think I am going to do a post just for Violet and Bella, to show you where exactly my little name came from :)