Sick Day

This is me yesterday and today.

I feel sick and lack all motivation to do anything.

I tried crocheting, but didnt get too far.

I took a long bath.

Highlight of today, my friend Renea stopped by and gave me my Xmas present.
She made me one of her most beautiful scarfs:

I am so happy, it is my favorite in her shop!

Go check out the rest of her items, she is making some really cool hand stained wooden boxes too!

Thank you Renea!

And she also brought me yummy treats from the fam!
Spiced chai cookies and mini pumpkin loafs (i think they are pumpkin), among other goodies!

It was a nice treat in the midst of not feeling good, but the nicest part was just seeing her for a bit. We chatted crafts for a while and it was just nice to see her!

Argghhh, believe it or not, we have to go to the laundry mat when james gets home tonite, at like 10:30, and its cold and rainy outside! I so dont want to go out!

Out for now...