Interview, Giveaway, Newbies and Top Secret Stuff

Things are lifting and brightening around me. After weeks of off and on sickness and pure lack of motivation and inspiration, along with feelings of anti-social anxiety...I am feeling alive again.

I went out last night with James to the wine bar for a friend's birthday. Got to see my girl Renea. Got to chat, drink a glass of wine, and eat the most amazing homeade keylime pie in the world. Good times...

Now I am about to go see my bestie and chill for the evening with her, a long overdue date! Hope her little baby boy will be awake so I can snuggle him all up.

I wanted to give a huge shoutout and thanks to BEFORE THE BABY WAKES, for doing this interview and giveaway with me, go check it out below:


I finally got another photo done for my butterfly project!

{oh, and just as I knew, I cannot do a 365, I am already over a week behind, oh well}
Another old photo I re-edited. From the same series I posted the other day.

I thought Id share some more of the newbies in the shop, I have so many more to post, so Ill try to keep you updated with a few of my favorites!

And for anyone who knows the lovely Amber from Hoot-n-Annie, go check out her birthday wishes, made me all giddy inside!


In top secret news, something very exciting might be happening soon with Violet Bella, all I will say is Oh my!