Nico's Feathers

So, I almost didnt post today because my butt hurts so bad from sitting so darn much!
So much of what I do requires sitting, and after a while it drives me crazy.

So much so, you should have seen me today, my cat probably thinks Im a nut job! I was singing like a farmer, then I sang 'Oh my Darlin' in falsetto and vibrato! Mind you, I am NOT a singer, as much as I wish I was!

I started to just crack myself up, so I went with it, pretty much all afternoon. I sang and danced like a total dork and goofball all by myself here at home. I think I am going a bit homebound crazy!

While going through images to send to the publisher of that magazine, I came across this photo.

I LOVE to play dress up.

Its been way too long since Ive done a real photoshoot like this. Photos like this one reminds me that I can be pretty. Most days I am un-bathed, in my pjs, sometimes I dont even brush my teeth! EEEK!

I wish I looked like this everyday!

(and the reason there are no pimples in this photo...photoshop baby!)


Newness for today consists of:

My new 365 photo:
Sucking In The Seventies
you can find the rest of the set here ...
This is not a new photo, but I just added it to my shop
I call it:
I Hear Her Calling

I took this at my mom's house one day while missing her, so this completely reminds me of her


These babies are my newbies in my jewelry shop: