Ode to my mother, the prettiest soul in the universe

"Got to get back to the land and set my soul free" ~CSNY

I dont really know where to begin. So many of you already know about my mom, some of you dont, some of you knew her (lucky you), most of you didnt. My mom was the type of person that never met anyone who she did not walk away from calling a friend. She was kind and giving to everyone, no matter who you were. She touched so many peoples lives through just being herself, and I dont think she ever really knew that. She was just beautiful.

For those of you who are newer to my blog, 2 years ago my mom passed away from breast cancer. January 25th, 2008. For most of the day on the 25th (two days ago) I but it in the back of my mind. By the end of the day I was relieved that I did not think about it much. But the day after and today it is prominent on my mind.

I wish so badly I could call her up tonite and tell her that I just sold my first handmade dress! Although Im sure she knows because the girl who bought it decided to think about it last night, and then she dreamt about it, so Im sure that was my momma poking herself in her dreams! :)

I wish I would dream about her again.

I am going to hold it all back so this is not a sad post.

I just wanted to share a bit of my mom with you guys, for without her I would not be anything that I am today. She was my best friend, my soul mate, and my greatest teacher.

These photos are from a huge framed collage I did for her service, I keep it on top of her dresser I know have in my bedroom, so I see it before I go to sleep each night.

I think if you click on the images you can see them bigger in another window.

You will see that she has alot of sillyness in her, and so much about family.

In this photo:
eating snow when I was 2
her holding my brother's baby during her last xmas
me hugging her right after getting married
her on the beach when she was young
me and her on my graduation

In this photo:
her high school photo
when she lost her hair from chemotherapy
one of her funny halloween costumes
her and her 2 best friends on the beach when they were my age

In this photo:
me and her in her garden
her and my nanna
her and my brother for halloween
her chemo head again
her in her silly hat on the beach
her flying a kite
her as my daisies leader in our hula outfits
her putting cookies over her missing boobs
her hands while she was sick

In this photo:
her and her friends again
me kissing her cheek
me and her posing silly for the camera
Here is a snip it of our life. I miss it. I would give anything for her to show me all the plants in her garden again. She would take me out to it every day almost, she was so excited about her things growing. I wish I would have paid more attention.

To all of my friends, dont ever take your mother for granted, remember the little things, take alot of photos.

I dont have any regrets, dont get me wrong, fortunately we had the best relationship, I know most people never come close to. She is in my soul.

And now I see her everytime I look at the moon or stars.

I love you mom.