Style Feature 2

Here is my second style feature...This photo was actually taken a while back, but this is probably my favorite all time outfit.

My husband bought this shirt for me for my birthday last year from the wonderful Poor Pitiful Pearl, I adore this shirt so much. My favorite tee in my whole wardrobe.

I made my pants, sorry kind of hard to see all of the details in this photo.

The jacket is one of my favorite vintage pieces, it was handed down to me a few years ago from a lady who saved all of her clothes from when she was my age in the 60's! It is a dark emerald green velvet. I am so keeping my clothes for my kids!

And these shoes, I wear them just about everyday, one day they must fall apart on me, but I will wear them to the death!


Sorry, Ive been kind of slacking on the posts lately, just been a little out of it. I did some sewing today, that was nice, I made a pretty dress, Ill take pics soon and show you.