Todays Happenings

Today has successfully been busy. It started of so. I woke up to 5 packages that needed to be packed. (which is a wonderful thing). Then off to the post office, then quickly seeing my husband off to work. We did manage to eat another homeade pizza. (image below)

So I am going to attempt the 365 project. And since we are only four days into the year, and I have either taken a photo or edited one everyday, I am going to count those! So this image is actually #4. I will upload them into my flickr and create a folder just for the project. As soon as I get it up and running Ill post a link. Its something I really want to do, but doesnt seem a priority.

I just spent a few hours organizing all my sales and expense receipts for my upcoming taxes. I needed to get started on my 4th quarterly anyway. That feels super good to get started! Any of you who sell your you use a tax person or do you do it yourself? This will be my first year actually filing my business. A bit nervous!

Today I made a very happy sale! I sold my first wood block! She also bought this print and a calendar! Needless to say, I was an excited girl!
Our yummy pizza. I thought I had messed it up b/c the crust seemed really tough compared to my last batches, but it is the best Ive done so far, soooo yummy!!!
I got to see my friend Renea today. We chatted up crafty things in our local coffee shop for a bit. Check out this adorable scarf she made! Her work is so seamless and perfect, I love it!

I adore this photo she got of it! So cute Renea!


I need to go attend to my shop and post of few newbies, ciao for now!

and again, I just want to thank all my darlings on here for all of your wonderfully sweet comments, you guys are amazing!