Blue Hair and Music Love

blue hair

Here is a pic of the blue hair! Finally :)

I wanted to post a video from You Tube, but I cant figure out how, so I will just leave a link. I cannot stop listening to Rocky Votolato, one of my favorite artists. Thank you James!!! We just got his new album and I have it on repeat! It is truly good, I adore his voice, his lyrics, his style. And he travels and does house parties, I am so jealous, I want him to come play at mine! But I doubt he would ever pass through a small town like Bandera! Anyway, love him, you should check out his stuff!

I have not been able to get organized all day. I made some new jewelry this morning, cleaned house, did alot online, but I just feel lost.

I have a shoot in the morning that I am honestly not looking forward to waking up to do. I get myself into doing favors for friends, and I dont know how to ask for $. So I just dont. Oh well. I just feel like I dont have the time to spend on work for nothing anymore. Maybe I am just feeling negative today, I dont know.

Tonite my dad and my nanna are on separate dates watching and enjoying Willie Nelson at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio! Oh how I wish I was there and not here.

Back to Rocky, i was listening to the lyrics and these stood out to me. i think we all know someone like this...

"Ego is running wild - a monster is hiding behind
Your smoke ring eyes
The harder you fight the tide
The less likely you'll survive"

I dont know, just reminded me of old things Id rather forget.

And this last line I will share from the song 'Lucky Clover Coin' goes out to God and my husband...

"I only want to walk the way you showed me"

Ive always been a lyrics girl. My ex used to tell me that lyrics didnt matter, only the music does, I say that's false. They are equal to me, without good lyrics a song means less to me, except of course if we are talking about instrumentals, which i am not, i do see the beauty in that respect. But also, you can have amazing lyrics but with awful music and that is equally sad. I love how music is such a personal thing and that it is different for everyone. Ive only found one person with almost identical music taste, and unfortunately it is the one person i never want to speak to again. Although, James has turned me onto some really amazing music, and he even likes some of my girly music, like Kate Nash. We do pretty well in that respect!!!

Okay, I need to go do something else. My bestie just told me to stop working and relax, lets see if I can do that!!!