Feathers Photoshoot Part 1

Today has just come and gone.

I am about half way done editing this photoshoot with Bird. I couldnt wait to share until I was finished, so here you go! Probably good to break it up anyway :)

Isnt she the prettiest thing youve ever seen?

I had so much fun with this shoot. It has been so long since Ive done a creative shoot, it was so inspiring. We talked about making weekly appointments for photoshoots, but well see!

Once I get my dream of selling vintage clothing going, I will use her as my model!


In other news, I am going to be a contributing photographer for the upcoming magazine Belle's and Ghosts, designed and published by the amazing Missy Sue from I Brake 4 Dreams. I could not be more excited! She is an amazing artist herself and I am honored to work on this project. I used to dream of starting a magazine, especially a fashion one, so this is right up my alley!

She is looking for contributers, so go check it out here:


Today I made the cutest owl shirt in the world! It is like my teddy bear tee. Ill take photos tomorrow! I cant wait to make a bunch more, in all different colors and patterns!

I will do custom orders with your own tee if you want!


A ton of new jewelry coming soon!

Keep checking back in the shop for newbies, alot of one of a kind pieces!

And I have been uploading new photos in my other shop: