Tent Party!!!

Hi Nanna!

{my Nanna reads my blog everyday, I think its wonderful!}

Just a snap of me this evening, ha ha! I love this hoodie, its like 6 years old from old navy, it soooo comfy and warm, and I wore alot when James and I first started hanging out :)

Do you remember our tent party last month???

Well, this is the revised version, thanks to my best friend for letting me borrow a ton of the most beautiful sheets in the world! James and I were going to have an ANTI valentines tent part, with no pink or red allowed, but I made a total exception for these gorgeous rags! Thanks Shelley!!!

As you can see, all the babies joined in. Here is Bella chillin on the blankets...
And heres Violet, who even brought her own friend to the tent party!
And of course, all of the babies from the bed had to join! They got the couch, where tonite they will be watching 500 days of Summer from. James bought it for me last week, I havent seen it yet, so excited because Matthew Gray Gubler a.k.a. Dr. Spencer Ried has a part in it, eeek!
view of the comfy spot! And there's Legs helping hold it up
And I had to accessorize with some cute photos of us.
First thing this morning, James looks so much better than me! He is so beautiful :)
Me and Violet snuggling :)

She got to go to my dads house today and run wild, she loved it so much! He, I got to help me dad pick out clothes for a date, it was so cute! He is very new to this thing called dating...

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


I am soooo proud of myself, check out my blog! I made a new header and I made 3 columns with HTML. I have been wanting this for so long, but I just cant afford to pay someone to make it for me, so I researched and figured it out finally. It was frustrating, but worth it in the end! Im not finished, so check for random updates!

Oh, and I got my music player back, I cant use the cute teddy bear anymore, but this will work, so if you hang out long enough, there are a few good songs, I cut it short b/c I was getting annoyed with it, he! Ill update more later!


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