Pillow Case Tops and Colorful Goodies

It's only been 2 or 3 days since Ive blogged last and it feels like its been a week! I have knocked alot off my list though, so I am feeling a little less overwhelmed.

For those of you who like to get a little daily dose in my corner of the world, sorry! Ill be back to it soon, I must just get through this week.

But, amazing things have been happening with Violet Bella, so it is all good!

Here are some colorful goodies that have been inspiring me this week:

Some of the beads to fulfill my order for Ruche :)
New threads!!! So desperately needed, I have been using my mom's old thread and each spool was getting to its last sad legs. It is so inspiring to sew with new thread!!!
And I got a bunch of spring colored buttons at the hobby store the other day, these make me happy!

And speaking of sewing, I made these cute pillow case tops the other day. I am so in love with them, its all I want to wear this summer, so light and comfy. All 3 of these babies are gone already, but I am planning on making many more!

I am creating a deal for those of you who are wanting a custom one made. If you send me 5 cute and usable vintage pillow cases, I will give you $10 off a shirt order! Sounds like a deal to me, most people have these babies laying in their closets never to be used. They must be stain free, good condition, and of course 'cute' pillow cases!

I am made a super cute custom t-shirt for one of my awesome blog readers, but I must wait to share the pics so I dont spoil any surprises! You know who you are!

Today's agenda consists of going to Tarpley to help my friend clean her house for about 8 hours today! I am going to be a zombie when I get home!!!

Much love, Ill be back soon :)