Renegade in Austin

Yesterday was a wonderful day... I got to go to the renegade craft fair in austin, and get more work done on my tattoo!

The festival was amazing, just like I imagined. Tons of handmade crafters and artisans all doing the same thing I am...(in the sense of being a handmade artist)

I met some amazing people, and it really brought this whole online world of mine into a real glimpse of reality and community. It was a wonderful, down to earth feeling. There is something about being completely surrounded by like minded people your age. Ive been doing craft fairs all of my life with my parents, and it wasnt until this fair, that I have felt completely at home and in my own element. It was a huge breath of fresh air.

I was so excited to meet Elsie from RVA, and James from Bleubird Vintage in person. Two of my favorite and most respect girls in the online world. I have been following both of them for a very long time, actually Ive followed Bluebird Vintage wayyyy before I even started my own business and got involved with this amazing online community.

Let me just tell you that they are both just as stunningly beautiful and sweet natured in person as they are online. It was a pleasure to meet them and see their set up face to face. I wish I had more money in my pocket to walk away with more goodies, but I got a really cute RVA leaf headband!

(carrying baby bird)
I also got to meet the amazing people behind Maryink, one of my longtime favorite tee shirt artists on etsy. They were the most down to earth, real and friendly people... We talked for a while about having your own business and about screen printing shirts, etc. It was so wonderful to meet them and know that such genuine love is going into their products. I walked away with this adorable tulip shirt, which i love. They were out of my favorite, so I may be ordering it soon.
In other news, my friend Katelyn is on a trip to Cali with her little one Leena, to shoot a wedding. I was almost going to be going with her, but financially it was not a feesible time. I know she will do amazingly though! Ill miss chatting with her everyday while she is gone...
But look at her suitcase!!! It is full of Violet Bella, (yes 3 tops right there in front), Pennythreads purse, and of course, her O Bella Naturals soap!!! I just thought this was awesome!
And here is one of my favorite dresses I made last week, and sold to beautiful Jamie... check her out below in some very cool photos... she is becoming quite the amazing little photographer, and I cant wait until she comes out with her own shop!

Also, I finally got a!!!! So go check it out, it is very simple right now, and not quite so cute, but it is easy to navigate between clothing, jewelry, and art!

And for my tattoo, I thought I was going to finish yesterday, and again it took way too long, and I realized I had not fully visioned it just the way I want it, so I got the peacock feathers for now, and Ill go back again soon to work some more on it! Its already starting to scab, so I might wait a bit for photos...