Fourth of July weekend

Gosh, this is a late post, but I accidentally deleted all of these photos from my card, and with a little help from a friend, I was able to recover them! Most of them anyways...

I lost the ones from my actual 4th of July, but we went back out to our friend's house the next day to finish our celebration, b/c the night of we had to leave early b/c James worked the next morning. So glad we did, we had a fabulous time just chilling with the family.

James found a beebee gun and was just happy as a clam with it. They shot up some cans, boys... I actually used to love shooting a beebee gun with my grandpa forever ago.

The guys hung on the porch and talked music forever
Mr. Yeti Man! My favorite kitty out there at the moment, he is so adorable and lovable.
And this beautiful little kitty was one that was born away from the house and has not become tame yet, we found him hanging out in the recycling pile, so cute.
beautiful Rose, this girl is amazing, i love her mind.
Carin and Rose scouting around
They taught their dog Pachuca to ride in their jeep with them, apparently they have been trying this for a while, and were just exstatic that it finally happened! It was so funny.
Carin in her cons. She told me they were her favorites and that she has worn nothing else since she got them.
Carin, being silly with her sister, and she loves to hula hoop!
Rose reading her twilight book, she is in love with this right now
Jen Jen! I am so in love with her bright red dreads.
And she picks up my hula hoop everytime we hang out, i love it! I am so excited she wants to learn to!

More adorable kitties, these are the newest little batch

All of the photos below are ones that Jen captured. I love the way she takes pics, like I have mentioned before. And I never get pics of me just hanging out b/c Im always behind the camera, so that is always cool.

I LOVE this shot of james and the gun!!!

he is just so adorable, i must say so myself :)

This little cicada had just come out of his shell when we got there, and he just became my buddy, he crawled all over me. I loved him! I lost all of my pics of him which I was sad about b/c they were so cute, but I am so happy Jen got some of us together...

just hanging out together...

I released him onto this plant, and hoped he found a new path in life.

me and Carin hanging out

taking pics :)

my yummy orange beer

and of course, fireworks!!!

check out more awesome photos on Jen's livejournal, you will not be disappointed.