Oh Deer, my new FAVORITE jumper

I woke up at 6:45 this morning, just laying there in bed, staring at the ceiling, with the desire to sew. So I decided to just get up, and start my day. I started with my first cup of coffee sitting in my chair on my porch, next to my dog, instead of at the computer like usual. Then for the second cup I got on to check emails. Does anyone else obsessively check their inbox???

Then I got to sewing. I made two dresses today, one of which was this adorable deer jumper. I began making it to sell, but fell too deeply in love with it. its a keeper! This doesnt happen often enough, I hardly have enough of my own clothes. I think this has to be my all time favorite jumper so far! I have one more matching deer embroidery, so I may make another one to sell, but slightly different.

I love the details of this one. The oversized wooden flower buttons are one of my new favorite things. I am obsessed, I think they are wayyy too adorable.
And the braided knit straps. Super cute, and stretchy, insuring the perfect fit for all, love them! Got some new pink knit today for it!

James had his health assessment at work today, so we went in to town for it. We hit up goodwill and had huge success. I found lots of fun items to work with, and all happened to be lovely fall, jewel toned colors. I love fall so much. My favorite color pallette of all time. Chocolate brown, deep teal, violet, olive green, dark mustard yellow/orange, oh gosh, love them!

Cant wait to start working on fall items for Violet Bella. Going to have to change some things up!

I added a few new pieces of clothing to the shop tonite, go check them out!