My Wonderful Customer - Felecia

*Introducing a new little series... My Wonderful Customer*

dedicated to the amazing people that make Violet Bella what it is, because without them, I would not be able to do what I do...

First runner up is Felecia. She is just about the most adorable woman ever. So sweet and genuine. I have just loved forming a relationship with her through Violet Bella.

The rest is what she has to say about Violet Bella

When I found Laura’s store “Violet Bella” on Etsy it was love at first sight. She really captures the imagination with her clothing and transforms fabric into remarkable pieces of wearable art giving new life into an upcycled product. When I look through her store I find pieces that speak to me. I look for something with a theme, a fabric or print that makes sense in my life, something that has significance and by wearing it I am sharing my loves and interests with others and thereby creating my own expression. I unfortunately do not have any artistic gifts but what I have found is that I have a gift for seeing, recognizing and appreciating this gift in others. And that is the case with Laura.

Here are some examples of what her work has meant to me: The first piece I bought from VB was a pillow case top with kitten embroidery that she had from old linen that was the same kitty pattern that I had on my blanket when I was a baby. It was like destiny because I LOVE my blankie and to be able to have that design on something to wear was an amazing tribute with great sentimental value. Little by little, the fabric was put to use in different clothing items and I collected an apron dress and a jumper with the remnants.

Then…it was onto deer. Being in love with the deer that graze in my backyard I asked her if she could remake a deer jumper that she had made herself. She was able to make one uniquely mine with touches that were thoughtful and relevant to my tastes. Then she started putting out these cuff bracelets that were each so beautiful but I found one with some vintage style deer and doing some more digging in her store she had a headband with the same deer fabric. It was a way for me to express my love of these gentle creatures.

I have started to collect a few teddy bear items. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy just like a sweet bear hug. And I like the pieces I have with her aunt’s crochet squares. It makes me feel close to my late grandmother who crocheted me an afghan that kept me warm and feeling loved when she wasn’t there.

I guess it is funny that my art is in my closet, but I love wearing unique and one of a kind items especially those that are made from previously loved fabrics, clothing and linens in an eco-conscious way. And when I know where my clothing comes from, who is making it, how she works and designs and the extraordinary talent and dedication that goes into her art it makes me feel good to know where my money goes. I feel like buying handmade, whether on Etsy, or in your local community makes the world a little bit smaller, friendlier and that we can make an impact when choosing whom to support.

I am so grateful that I found my clothing language and someone who speaks it so fluently and beautifully!

Is she not the sweetest?
Its the people that truly love and appreciate what I do and make that give me the most inspiration, so thank you!