The day after thanksgiving. What did you do today?

I spent the day sewing Christmas stockings for the shop. They are the cutest ever.

We had a wonderful thanksgiving with family. Ate wonderful food that we only get to eat once a year. And we have many things to be thankful for.

My thanksgiving attire consisted of one of my own Pinafore Jumpers... funny I am rarely wearing Violet Bella these days... along with black leggings, plaid boots and one of my mothers broken china charms that says her name, Linda.

Thanksgiving morning I woke up early and sat on my porch, sharing the chair with my dog, drinking my coffee, listening the breeze blow leaves across the ground, and I made a little thankful list. I think Ill share it with you. I have a million things to be thankful for, so this list is just some major things for 2010.

  • having the best year so far with my husband
  • the success of my business
  • my nanna finding a new soulmate
  • seeing my best friends second child grow
  • meeting katelyn and leena
  • being overly blessed with Poor Pitiful Pearl
  • finding a reason to get healthy again
  • for the continuing bond i have with my bestie
  • for having two friends become two really good friends
  • the talks i have on the phone with my nanna
  • my husband starting a new project
  • another year with three healthy pets
  • the comfort and love i have from my in-laws
  • the dreams James and I share in common
  • the people I have met from running my business
  • feeling content in who I am as a person
Those are just a few of hundreds I could list. Even though Thanksgiving is over, we should think of these things often, if not a little each day, to remind ourselves what we have to be thankful for. It really puts things into perspective when you are feeling like you dont have much or what you want.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!