Top 5 Friday

 Todays top 5 comes from Mountain Girl Clothing!
Her question was: What are you top 5 favorite things to see out of a window?

1. The Moon
most nights I can see the moon out of my kitchen window
 2. The open road
one of our favorite things in the world is to just drive, anywhere, no goal, just driving around
 3. Violet soaking up the wind
it is quite possibly one of the cutest things ive ever seen, gets me everytime
 4. Anything Bella sees
bellas pillow is by the window i work at everyday, so i love seeing everything she sees, especially when its a stray kitty or a deer
 5. Sunlight through nature
i cant drive anywhere without being enamored by the way the sun hits grass, trees, etc.  especially white fluffy grass, or dead grass.  makes my heart throb.
(i cant believe i had photos for all of them!)

Thanks Margaret, that was an awesome question!!!
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