2011 Goals

a few goals for myself for the new year... I will probably be adding to this list for the next few weeks!

1. get outside ALOT more often
2. get back into yoga
3. connect more with friends
4. keep my work spaces organized
5. start designing my book
6. learn new tricks on my hula hoop
7. get a massage (thanks to my boy)
8. less random internet, more time creating
9. green drink everyday
10. stop biting my fingers
11. relax in the evenings
12. purchase runnings shoes/start jogging
13. learn more on my sewing machine
14. stick to my workout routine
15. healthier eating & cooking
16. develop better work/play schedule
17. keep up with new blog series
18. design more new looks for my clothing line
19. let go of past events and truly move on
20. have lots of tent dates with my boy
21. take more creative self portraits like i used to
22. de-clutter my house
23. stay on top of inventory for taxes
24. laugh alot more
25. fear alot less

...and many many more...