Elsie & Emma's DIY Cakestand

Today's sponsor DIY comes from the Red Velvet girls, Elsie & Emma.  They are sharing a sweet little way to turn vintage glassware into adorable new cake & treat stands!  Emma uses these in her sweet shop display.  Love it.  I think I would like to make some with vintage china since I love color and old china so much.  This would be a great idea for a handmade wedding!

All you need: vintage or thrifted plate or ashtray and small vase or
cocktail glass, epoxy glue
First, if you get your items second hand make sure to wash them before
you use them. Place the plate upside down on a flat surface. Apply a
small amount of epoxy glue to the bottom edge of the vase or glass.
Glue the glass onto the plate in the center. Place a heavy book or two
on top while it is drying. Make sure to read the directions on your
epoxy glue, as different brands have different drying times. Once your
new cake stand is dry, set it right side up and fill with baked goods!

If you create one, please share it with me & the girls!