Im so excited to present our first DUO giveaway with me & the boy.  Eeeeek!

And instead of picking out a specific item, that you may or may not love, we decided to do it in gift certificate form!!!  That way, you can choose just what your little heart loves the best!  And its just enough to either get yourself something from each shop, or put it towards something a bit larger youve been eyeing!  *we have more sizes and styles coming to Skyline Fever soon, so you can wait until you find something just right for you*


*im not a big fan of rules*

But... this rule will not only get you some free goodies, but will help both of us to know what our readers love most in our shops!  So it will be a win win!

RULE:  you must visit all 3 of the following shops, and let us know what your absolute favorite item or design is in each shop!  Easy enough?  I think so!

 Along with the two gift certificates, you will also receive this 5x5 print!

I will be choosing a winner, randomly, next sunday, January 23th!

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