Teddy Bear Love

 For christmas my sweet boy got me this adorable teddy bear hat from talk2thetrees that I have been wanting for a long time...  I love it soooo.. I wore it the other day with one of my teddy bear shirts!  Perfection.  And yes I had to take a 'grrr' photo like she did in the listing!
And of course Violet had to give it a try too!  I dont think she liked it as much as her mommy did :)

Today my heart is heavy.  I feel like an avalanche of emotions may just come barreling down my way at any moment.  Im not sure why, I guess it just happens from time to time.  Some days are just like that.  Maybe Ive been listening to too much Ray LaMontagne... but I just cant stop!  Hopefully Ill sleep good tonite and have a brighter day tomorrow.  Today I wish I could hug my mom.