Layering your Patchwork Folk top

I snapped a few pictures with the boy's phone the other day on our way out to dinner at a friends house.  I wanted to show you that you can layer your PATCHWORK FOLK tops over thermals for when its cold.  They dont have to just be a spring item.  Always keep that in mind while shopping for tanks and such, you can always layer!  Here is one still for sale in my shop to show you what kind of shirt Im talking about.  *sorry, photos aren't great, I could only get so much holding a phone*

With my patchwork folk top, I wore, a striped thermal, super wide leg jeans, and vintage suede wedges. oh, and pigtails :)

The past few days have consisted of nothing but working.  But that is a good thing!  Last night a huge front blew in, craziest wind Ive heard in a long time!  Now its is super chilly outside, but still nice and sunny.

What is the weather like where you live right now?