Daily Outfit - Dressing on a Budget

I was able to get out of the house once this week, to go grocery shopping, ha ha!  Ill take any excuse I can to throw together a cute outfit!

For the past year or so, my husband and I have been saving our pennies to buy a home... Which is happening right around the corner!  But one thing this does mean, I have not clothes shopped in just about that long!  Seriously, I have only bought one shirt here, or one dress there, every great once in a while.  If it hadnt been for all of the amazing Poor Pitiful Pearl trades throughout this last year, I probably would have cried, ha ha.  I love clothes.  I always have.  In junior high and high school, I was always the 'odd' dressed girl, but I feel like I was always creative with my wardrobe, some people just didn't understand it.  As I have grown older, my fashion has matured a great deal.  I no longer wear cut-off sweat pant mini skirts with striped knee highs, combat boots along with crazy black makeup all over my face :)  I love how fashion is a thing you grow with, as you grow.

I know I always made my mother so happy when it came time for the new school year and clothes shopping.  I 'ONLY' wanted to shop at Goodwill.  I did NOT want her to take me to a department store.  I pretty much had my mind set against those from an early age.  So, while all my friends were spend $60 on one pair of jeans, I got a whole wardrobe for that!  And it wasnt anything you would see on anyone else.  In a way, I am still very much like that.  Although now, I love to incorporate lovely things from places like Target or amazing online shops like Ruche, when I can afford it or allow myself to.  This belt below is from Ruche, and its been one of the best $10 ive ever spent, it goes with soooo much and is super comfy!

The Outfit:
shirt from Old Navy (really a long tunic, just tucked in)
*ive had this shirt for about 8 years, and its still awesome*
belt from Ruche
skirt from goodwill
shoes from Target (sale rack)
all jewelry is Violet Bella

Okay girls, do I not have the cutest boy ever???  Let's boost his ego a bit with some honesty :)

Bella loves to hang out on the porch while I take photos.

Had to share... I love it when avocados have huge center seeds.  I think its really cute, I dont know why.

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