Random Pieces of Home

Total randomness of phone pictures from around the house this week...

I scored this adorable granny square lap quilt for $2 at the local thrift store.

I wore my adorable little owl pin from Kamika. (see my last post for source)

I had an amazing all veggie dinner a few nights ago.

Ive been collecting doilies for my vests Im making for Cowboys and Indians magazine in my mother very old and special bowl.

Some of the babies hanging out in bed :)


my layering scarfs tanks hanging up.

coffee stained doilies drying.

Today I got to attend my best friend's little girl's birthday party.  She is so sweet and getting so big!  Ill have some pics hopefully by tomorrow.  I got to do face painting on the little kids, it was so much fun!

Im honestly so out of it this week.  I feel like Im walking in a fog.  Im not sure if I just overdid myself in the past few weeks with all of this house stuff or what... but Im starting to feel nervous and run down.  Ive had a slight migraine all day long.  Im ready to just sleep for a week.  Hopefully Ill rest well tonite.