Big Thank You's.....

I thought Id take a moment to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful people who have featured Violet Bella recently.  I truly enjoy being a part of this amazing community.  There are so many wonderfully creative and talented people I have met along the way through this journey.

First up, I am sponsoring the lovely Miss Indie this month and she did a pretty cool interview with me for it!  Pop on over to her blog to read it!

I was completely surprised and honored to show up in Lovely Cluster's spring catalog twice!  They create the prettiest ambiance with their color specific categories.  In the first one, mine is the middle feather necklace with the patina bird.  In the second one, its the brass acorn necklace.  So fun!

And I was even more shocked to see one of my pinafore jumper's on Elsie's Ten Things I love Sunday post this week!  I could totally picture her in something like this!  Check out the post on her blog, A Beautiful Mess.

Thank you so much all of you lovely ladies!!!  Big big love to you!

As for the house update, we sign the paper and get the keys TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot wait!  I am sooooo flippin' excited!  Today felt like a turning point, we went to the city to shop, and instead of going to Target to look at cute stuff, we went to Lowe's to look at storm doors, ha ha!  But it was fun!  We found one we love, that of course we cannot afford, so we will be saving our pennies to buy a door!

I have been trying to round up all of my last important tasks for this week because I will have to put my shop on vacation for about a week I think.  It will be the first time Ive shut it down.  I may just come back with a major sale to make up for it, so be on the lookout :)

And thank you to everyone who spread the love of the flyer!  And for those of you who think I should just get over it, well you are probably right, but again, im only human.  I hope that you never have to feel the way it feels yourself.

Very soon you will be meeting all of my amazing sponsors for this month!  Some pretty rad ladies!!!