Hello, Ive Missed You...

Hello blog, how I have missed you so.

We are having major internet problems here in our new house, so I havent been able to get online much.  And after tonite, Ill be completely without for another few days as we switch over to another device.  Our house is in a spot that does not get good reception and it is running soooooooooooo slow.  Makes dial up seem amazing about now!  So, until then, bare with me.  Especially my lovely sponsors!  I did not forsee this happening.  I have so many feature posts to do for this month, I think I may call off sponsors for next month, and just extend their welcome for that month just to give myself enough time to get them all in.  So not to worry girls, it will happen one way or another!

Around the new house... ( I have decorated SO much, but I think Id like to do an actual home detour when its complete, so I may not reveal many details just yet.  Its still very much in the works, and Ive thoroughly enjoyed adding a bit more everyday.  Since I cannot open my shop back up b/c of our internet situation, its giving me lots of time to play house.  Ive done about 12 loads of laundry and I LOVE IT!!!  I even ran our dishwasher just to see how it works, ive never used one!

I bought the prettiest little roses as a little house warming gift to myself.  They have made the loveliest little addition.  I think I will be hanging them upside down tomorrow to dry.

Bella and Violet are both so very happy.  After the shock of the first day (they were not so happy), they both relaxed and really living it up now.  They love the porch and the yard.

Bella has found many spots around the house she loves to lay.  She laid next to her Grammy's picture for a while before we got it hung up on the wall.  I drew this picture of my mom in high school, and she always wanted to frame it.  I finally framed it for our house.  I think she would love it!

We got to babysit two of my favorite kids in the world for the very first time.  It was lots of fun and it made my heart so happy to have them here.

Another one of Bella's new favorite spots.  She has really been enjoying the couch.

We grilled our first pizza with some friends.  Great night!

I did my first outfit shoot... (just a sneak peak)

James has been doing lots of little house details needed, and I bought some tomatoes and basil for the yard.

And we have these walking sticks everywhere!  Totally creepy.  I spotted four of them as I was pulling out of the driveway today just on the front of the house.  One bug neither of us are fond of, at all!

I have so much to post and feel so incredibly behind with everyone here online.  I miss the interaction.   Soon enough Ill be back to work though!  Cant wait to design in my new craft rooms!  It may not be until Tuesday that Ill be back on, but Id love to come back to lots of fun interaction from all my peeps out there!  Its been so fun sharing this with you.

Just know, that I am happy as can be.  Tired, but super happy and content.  I danced around the house today when I was home alone for a bit, it was so liberating to break it in with my goofy dancing.

Have a wonderful week!