Home Sweet Home

Today was a great day.  Im soooo tired and achy, but so worth it!  This morning I had to take James to work at 3:30 in the morning.  By the time I got home it was 4:30, and I knew so much had to be done.  So I decided to stay away and pack some more.  By 7:00 I had another car load packed and ready to go.  I decided to pack some food and provisions for the day and head on over to our new house all by myself.  I was still a bit nervous b/c the night before I got almost a bit of cold feet, a little too late, ha!  But today I realized it was completely just nerves of making this big leap.

Today made me realize it was exactly where I am suppose to be.  I had the best morning to myself, just casually unpacking boxes, filling up my closet, putting things in cabinets, cutting lining for drawers, etc...  I brought my record player and welcomed the house with some Willie Nelson.  I really think it enjoyed that.  I opened all the blinds and let all the light in.  I picked my first patch of wildflowers from the back yard.  I made a pallet on the floor and rested when I got tired.  I sat in the window sill and ate an apple and just purely enjoyed the moment.  And of course, before I started the real unpacking, I had to decorate the mantle.  It will probably change alot, but for now, it makes me happy!  Ever since I could clean my own bedroom, when my mom would ask me to clean, I would rearrange the art on my walls before I did any lick of cleaning, its just how I roll.  And I took a few self portraits, just snaps, to see how the lighting is, love it!

My cousin got me this Nest sign for xmas last year, and Ive kind of been saving it for a 'new' place, I never put it up in our rent house.  I love it.  My dad made this amazing picture frame for me for my wedding.  Simply gorgeous.

James already took his first nap in the house!  He usually naps when he gets home b/c he gets up so stinkin early every day.  Oh and we brought his old tv over so we could get our dish network setup.

I packed away alot of our kitchen stuff already.  Ive enjoyed having this time to get a few things put up so its not everything all at once.  After saturday it will be crazy!

Moon hung out on the windowsill :)  Which I think Bella is going to love this wide window ledge, at least Im hoping so!

Just two trucks loads here.  There is so much more to bring home!

We also met our neighbors on the way out today, super nice!!!
Now I must go kick up my feet, they are killing me.  And tomorrow will be a super busy long day.  Cant wait to share the progress throughout transforming this house into our home!