The past few days...

The last two days weve had dr. appointments for James.  He got his stitches taken out!  So now I am no longer the bride of Frankenstein :)  ha ha, he called me that the other day!  And he had a checkup with his neurologist, which we do after every seizure.  They changed his medicine a bit again.  He is still doing well since it happened.  We just need to stay as calm as possible during this whole moving transition b/c they are brought on by stress, and I must say, its stressful!  But one day at a time, well get there.

I was having one of those 'girl' days where I changed my whole outfit like three times.  And of course ended up wearing jeans, a tee shirt and cons!  Always the go-to when Im feeling that way.  My bangs were almost covering my eyes!  But we got haircuts today, yay!

While sitting in the doctors waiting room I found the cutest backyard built just for privacy with plants!  I love it so much.  I cant wait to save enough money to really do cool things to our very own yard!  Ive always wanted to landscape and really garden, so it is now my season in life to do just that!

James requested chocolate ice milk that night, so I made him some with our cute heart ice cubes!  Doesnt that just make it a million times better?  Like chocolate milk is not great enough on its own!

Then I sat on the kitchen floor, sorted through my art and photography magazines, and read my Ready Made mag that Red Velvet is featured in.  I was so excited when Elsie announced they would be in there on her blog A Beautiful Mess b/c I subscribe to that magazine!  Its such a sweet article too, I wish so badly I could visit their wonderful shop!

And I painted my nails.  I bought new polish while we were grocery shopping just so I could.  And there is a REASON behind it, which I will share later :)

Im blogging during my quick lunch break, then back to mega cleaning and packing!!!