One Dress, Two Ways...

You know those days when you feel like you could change your outfit 10 times?  I hate those days, but inevitably we all get them, I think :)  And then there are the days you know what 'dress' you want to wear, but maybe its just the way you styled it that is making you want to change.  This was my day yesterday, so I decided to share how just a few simple changes can make a different look.

In both looks Im wearing one of my custom made Poor Pitiful Pearl dresses, which I adore.

Outfit One:
thrifted green sweater
belt from Ruche
embroidered sandals from Blowfish
yarn wrapped messy hair

Now as cute as it may have been, I was in the mood to be super relaxed, so I threw off the belt, cardigan, shoes and hair wrap... let my hair down, and grabbed my cons and a shorter cardi.  It was kind of funny, I haven't pushed my bangs to the side in so long, it was the first time Id seen my forehead in months!

James mom gave me the sweet little butterfly necklace I am wearing, I love it so much.

So, although these were not major changes to the outfit, these little things can make all the difference in how you feel when you walk out the door.  So next time you are having one of 'those moments', maybe decide to change your shoes and your hair instead of the whole outfit.  It may save you alot of time and energy (from one girl to another).

Today I am joyfully preparing my house for my family to come visit for the first time since we moved in!  I cant believe today officially marks 3 weeks of being here!  It is really really starting to feel like home.  Yesterday I got my sewing room completely clean and ready to go!  So fun!