The Sewing Bug...

Yesterday I got to break in my sewing room.  I enjoyed it so much I sewed all day long.  And even sewed up some things for my own summer wardrobe, which I never ever do.  Im thrilled b/c Ive had the shopping bug lately in the worst way and its been sooooo hard to contain myself.  So this satisfied it a bit :)

Here is a few snaps into my room and projects.  Still working on photos for the home tour, eeek!  Ill probably do it in segments, by room.  ...My nanna gave me these velvet swatches... they are vintage and completely inspiring in color and texture.  Its like they used all of my favorite colors in each swatch.  And Ive always been in love with velvet.  Ive been enjoying incorporating them into my designs here and there.  And they are so pretty just to look at and touch.

This sewing room makes me one happy girl.  I cant wait to start busting out some new digs for the shop!  Oh my Im inspired right now.  The hardest part about being inspired is having all of the 'right' pieces at my finger tips.  I have alot of stuff, but my mind is always dreaming of something just out of reach.  But it always comes together in the end after a bit of digging and pondering.