Happy Birthday Mom...

Today is the day, in 1955, my mother was brought into this earth.  Im pretty sure that is the day that many lives changed.  Or should I say, many lives were going to be changed over the next 50 something years because she was born.  Today I celebrated her birthday by launching my new line.  It was a wonderful way for me to spend my morning, with this photo sitting next me.  I feel truly blessed by all of the lovely response I got from my new work I have poured myself into.  It has been a little journey I am truly proud of.  And I know my mom would just be over joyed with it all.  Too bad she's not around to do a lookbook with me, now that would be one hilarious lookbook!  She probably would have flashed her boobs or mooned the camera, I just know it.  Anyone who knew my mom knows Im right!  I love this photo of her.  I remember being sad that day myself, although I dont remember why now.  She had just got her hair cut short b/c she knew she was going to lose it in chemo therapy.  I never wanted her to cut her hair b/c it was so long and pretty, and then once she did, I loved it!  I know she was feeling very inward and thoughtful that day.  Once it got dark and we built a fire by the riverside, she did some funny fire yoga stretching stuff.  She was always busting out silly stuff like that...  Today we took some new peacock feathers up to her grave.  It had been needing some for a while.  I want to go back up there when the sunlight is pretty and take some nice photos of her site.  My dad put so much love into and it is just beautiful.  I found a squished pine cone on the way back to the car and took back to put on her grave.  I think she would have liked it.

The only rotten thing that happened today was someone anonymously leaving me a mean comment on my lookbook.  I really wish people wouldnt be so hurtful on the internet.  If you dont like my work or blog, or how I do anything, please dont read my blog or follow my work.  There is no need at all to leave mean comments on mine, or anyone elses blog.  Ive seen it often and it is really just so sad.  Makes me feel sorry for them.  

My internet has been super shady all day, so as it allows me to, Ill be uploading the rest of the new work.  I only got about half way done.  Thank you so much for everyone's love and support.  It means so much to me, truly.  I will be happily shipping some of my babies off tomorrow to some lovely new homes!!!