My birthday celebration...

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday with some of our closest friends.  As I mentioned before we wanted to keep it small for Violet, and it was just perfect.  There were so many highlights to my day its hard to remember them all.  Let me just make a list here:

* i was surprised with this amazing cheesecake.  my friend jen made it from scratch, every single part.  this baby was not just cheesecake, but it was layered with nutella and had homeade chocolate sauce and hazelnut cream whip.  she managed to put every one of my favorite things into this cake.  simply. amazing.

* i got to see my bestie after her being gone on vaca for two weeks.  it was so nice to see her for a bit.
* my dad came over for dinner, it always makes me happy to be around him.  he was super cute chatting with my friends.  i love him.

* a good friend stopped by and we chatted for a while and she gave me the sweetest most thoughtful gifts ever, including a vintage owl cookie jar from the 60's!

* jonny got me a Bayside vinyl which i thought was so sweet and thoughtful of him.

* james and jonny played guitar and we all sang songs together.  always a good time.  the only people i feel comfortable singing around too.  love it.  and james got goofy like he always does, hopped up on espresso, and sang a dirty love song to jonny, quite the highlight of the night.

* i got my own huge red stripe.  i bought it just for my birthday.

* violet did really well and was able to hang out with us.  she knew everyone that came so she stayed really calm.  made me so happy.

* i got to make my birthday dinner with jen, which was a super experience.  i loved cooking with her.  i learned some new things, and it was just cool having company in the kitchen.  the food was amazing.  we made homeade garlic pasta, grilled veggies, homeade rolls and a roasted corn, red bell pepper and avocado dip.  it was even better today.
It was just a really good day.  And completely made up for the day we had on my actual birthday :)  Now I have a huge cheesecake to eat!  Wanna come help me eat it???

Today is definitely monday.  Spent all day so far packaging up orders and getting ready for the po.  I also added a few new items in my Roots and Feathers shop.  I have some new ones photographed for Violet Bella, hopefully Ill be able to post them soon.