My birthday wishlist...

Since it's my birthday week, I thought Id share of few of the things on my wishlist.  I always have an ever-rotating storage of things that would make me smile if I had them.  Things I dont really need, but would love...  So I picked three for my body and three for my home to share with you.

1. I adore this dress from Ruche.  I really have not been a big fan of the one shoulder look on most garments, but when I saw this dress I fell in love.  It swayed me to the other side.

2.  And this dress is also from Ruche and one of my most recent favorited items.  I love the simple style of this dress and the pattern is beautiful.

3.  These shoes are on my wishlist in a big way.  I know they are knock offs of some amazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but I honestly could never afford the real deal.  I found these on ebay, and one day... I will snatch them up!

4.  For my home, Id love these 3 prints below.  Im super picky about the art I put in my home.  This print made by Charmaine Olivia is just stunning.  I love her work.
5.  I have been a fan of Tel Aviv's work for some time.  Her etsy shop Tushtush is definitely a favorite.  This is one of her semi recent works.  I saw it as an original and asked her if she was going to make it a tiny print, and she did!  I would love to collect several of these tiny prints to display in our home over time.  Starting with this one.

6.  I think this bird and teapot print would look adorable in my kitchen.  I love the colors and the feather.  So sweet.