Pray for Violet Mae...

Today has been a total bummer of a day.  Yesterday we took the babies, Violet and Bella, in for their annual shots, and to get groomed.  Then I got the call from the vet that everyone dreads... Violet Mae has heart worms.  They did xrays this morning and found that its a bit advanced, so she has to do the two part treatment, which means she will be on heavy duty meds that will require her to be house bound for up to 8 weeks.  She cannot get excited or run b/c it could stop her heart.  It makes me so sad b/c she loves being outside so much.  It is going to be so hard to keep her locked up inside.  I even have to keep her on a leash to go to the bathroom.  Its going to be a big adjustment for all of us, mostly Violet.  I just hope she doesnt get depressed.  She had to spend last night at the vet, and again tonite.  Today we took up her hippo to sleep with, but we didnt go see her, so that she wouldnt get excited and then just see us leave her again.  I get to go pick her up in the morning.  It breaks my heart.  But the vet seemed hopeful that by going through this treatment she will be okay in the end.  I pray so.  The house has seemed so empty without her here.  We went grocery shopping today, and even leaving the house, I just couldnt shake this depressing mood.  Im thinking about calling an early night and resting up. 

Please send good loving vibes into the universe for my baby girl.  She is absolutely the sweetest pup Ive ever met in my life.  Tomorrow we will do alot of cuddling when she gets home, I cant wait to kiss her forehead.