Violet Mae update...

Violet Mae is doing really well.  She is adjusting to being indoors beautifully.  She even comes back inside on her own sometimes (while being on the leash).  And she has finally given in to going to the bathroom while on the leash.  She felt so much better after she did, like instantly.  She has been enjoying chillin in the bed, on the porch in the early mornings before it gets hot, and in her chair we pulled in from outside so she can sit by the window when it is too hot to be outside.  We are definitely going to get through this, I feel it.  Thank you again for all of the love you have shown my sweet pup.  xo.

Oh, and in the chair photo above you may notice little rainbows all over the wall.  I have a crystal hanging in the window and at the right time of day, it shoots those rainbows all over my entire house, its truly magical!