A photo can say a million things...

I love that when you make a piece of art that is so built with emotion, it can still speak to you years later.  This is how these photos below are for me.  I took them during a very emotional time.  The text that was written on my body says 'Get Me Out Of Here'.  It was a great way to release then, and a great way to release now a few years later just by looking upon them again.  Today has been a day I do not want to relive.  I am not going into any details here on my blog b/c Ive already been there and done that, and quite frankly Im not up for it again.  So in my own little way, this is me venting through a photo.  And... this makes me miss doing these photoshoots. 

Time to hit the relax button b/c Ive been on high nerves all day long.