Flourish Leather...

Ive been a little quiet around the campfire this weekend.  This week quickly got filled up with wonderful things.  James has been helping me out with a big order this week, and for the most part we got it tackled.  108 necklaces and 120 pairs of earrings, ready to make their journey to the lovely shop of Ruche.  Then I went to the movies with my bestie to see The Help, which was really good.  Brings a few good laughs and a few good tears to your face.  And yesterday I got swept away with two girlfriends for some much needed sitting and talking.  Two women I completely respect, and who understand what Im going through.  So it was super nice to be around people I can relate to.  And with starting of this week on monday with yoga and a massage, and then working out the next day (first time in 6 months), I feel I am headed in the right direction of taking care of myself.  I was getting to the point last week where I was so tense and in such a funk, I needed to make some changes, some real changes.  Im taking the baby steps needed to get there.

These photos are completely unrelated... I was flipping through my camera pics and realized how many shots I have of my adorable Flourish leather braided bracelets.  Im completely in love with these bracelets.  I wear some combo of them almost every day.  I already have my eye on 3 more!  Overkill??  I think not.  I love how you can mix and match the colors for each outfit.  And the best part, they are only $5, so you can do so affordably!  They go with everything I wear.  Next on my list is this green one, and this sparkly one.

Be on the lookout for an amazing giveaway coming up from Softspoken!  Im so smitten by her work, and cant wait to get a few pieces for myself one day...