Magnets, a feather, and some crazy sales...

Yesterday I received a sweet little surprise in the mail from my friend Renea.  It was too funny b/c I had added these babies to my favorites last week, and when I opened up the package I was telling James, I didnt order these, I just put them in my favorites!  And he was like, yeah - uh huh - sure babe.  Ill use that one next time!  ha ha.  Then I opened up the card and found a sweet note.  She didnt even know I had favorited them!  Now that is pretty amazing if you ask me.  I love love love.  My fridge needed some new magnets, and I guess this is why I havent just bought some yet.  They are perrrrfect.  They are from Redstar Ink on etsy.  I could literally eat up her shop!

This morning while watering the garden and the bird bath, I found the sweetest feather I think I have ever found.  It was wet from being in the bird bath, but it is just precious.  Another one to add to my little collection.

Now it is time to sit myself down and get some jewelry made while listening to The Civil Wars some more.  Yesterday was CRAZY with the $10 jewelry sale and virtual yardsale on facebook.  You can still join in on the fun, lasts through sunday evening.  I even opened up a $5 print sale of all of my photographs!  Facebook fans only, so you must add me there.  You can find the jewelry sale and yardsale through my photo albums titled as such.  There are instructions listed on each album.  For the prints, you must message me on facebook which prints from my photo shop you would like, for $5 each, that is a steal my friends!