Pieces from our days...

This is how we spend our mornings.  Violet on the leash on the porch (since she still cant run around), Bella plays in the yard and drinks water out of the bird bath, and I sit on the porch and read.  I indulge myself in books on grieving trying to justify all of my emotions.  It is a sacred time to me lately.  Lots of little birdies come play during that time of day too, so its very full of life.

Ive been very happy lately that my hair is getting long enough that I will actually wear it down all day instead of throwing it up in a messy bun like usual.  Its been a nice transition, and something Ive been waiting for for what seems like an eternity.

I always take phone photos while we are driving.  I love them so much because each one is so unpredictable.  Sometimes I like to just throw my camera up at the window and randomly snap to see what will come out. 

This adorable little vintage bag is what I carry my packages to the post office in everyday.  I love it.  I think it is just about the cutest thing.  It folds out big, I think it is suppose to be a laundry bag?  Whatever it is, its cute.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping, and after I unpacked the bags, I looked down to spot this...  so freakin cute.  She just walked right into the bag and layed down.  She loves empty bags and boxes.  One silly cute kitty she is...

I was going to write a bit about how I am feeling tonite, but I think I will leave at this for tonite.  It will much more pleasant that way, and really, I should probably just go to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  But luckily part of it is something we have been waiting well over a year for... The showing of Angel and Airwaves movie LOVE is coming to san antonio for a one time live showing.  It is a movie, interview and mini live show all in one broadcasting from Boston.  So very exciting.  If you have never heard AVA, go listen.  Its an experience.