Things are not just things...

Most of you that have been following me for a while now probably know my attachment to things.  I have decorated our home with things that are special to me.  In reality I know how unhealthy it can be to cling to 'things' in this world, but with all of the loss I have faced, these 'things' have become pieces to fill the holes I have left.  When I walk through my house each day, I have little reminders surrounding me of where I came from.  I even have a tendency to keep broken things.  In this photo below, you will see part of a cracked bird bath.  Its only the top b/c it broke when we were moving, so James just set the top on another flower planter.  The birds love it, and it has become a part of my morning routine.

The budda is an amazing iron half bust.  It was in my mother's garden, and is waiting to one day go into my own garden.  Or maybe one day Ill create a zen yoga spot in the yard.  The half sun is another broken piece.  This sun used to hang on the front of my parents house.  My dad took it off the house at some point, so I brought it home b/c it was just laying on the ground.  It also broke when we were moving.  But my lovely husband scooped it up and put it in the car anyway.  It will also one day be in our garden.

This beautiful blue star is a piece that my mom and her sister saw when they were out shopping together and they both loved it.  So they decided to buy it and trade it back and forth each christmas.  So the christmas after my mom had died, my aunt surprised me with it for us to carry on the tradition.  It made me feel special for her to do that.  I love it.

This amazing old naked woman is a nutcracker.  She used to sit on my parents counter.  Ive always admired it.  They both thought it was pretty cool and funny when someone would see it for the first time.  Her legs open up and crack the nuts :)  I decided to hang her on the wall.

I can only imagine that my garden of 'things' will continue to grow as we get to the point of going through my parents house.  I know I cant keep everything, I just have such a sentimental heart, its hard.  The last two or three days I have had a stirring heart.  Ill share more in another post on this.