The Blue Velvet Dress

A little peek into my closet.  As if I dont have enough clothes already???  (this is just one corner of the closet.  Im the kind of girl that has kept certain clothes since I was 15.  Ive just recently been allowing myself to really clean out my closets and weed out the old to make room for the new.  One reason why I had my virtual yard sale a little while back.  And I may just have another one! 
So... yesterday Red Velvet launched their new dress line!  I remember last seasons line sold out so fast and at the time I was in no position to be buying a dress.  And Im really not now either, but I caved and splurged on this beauty below.  I could not choose between this one and the orange one, but I finally went with the blue b/c it reminds me of a pair of blue velvet pants I had when I was younger that my mom loved.  And I have NOTHING blue in my closet, not a color I normally like.  But in this velvet it is sooo dreamy.  I was frantic trying to decide whether or not I could even purchase it.  I knew these dresses would be gone soon and they are not remaking them.  And these are NOT dresses you will find on ebay a few months from now at half price.  No way.  I figure I will just have to work extra hard next week to make up for it!  And now I have a super special dress to wear on a date.  Wait whats a date?  I forgot.  Ill find somewhere to wear it!  I just wish my mom could see me in it, she would be over the moon.

Thank you Elsie and Mallory for making such beauties!!!  Im so excited!