A feminine and unique touch for your jewelry...

This is such a simple DIY I didnt take photos of process.  Basically, I had empty was space behind my door (that I couldn't put anything thicker than an inch deep), a bunch of beautiful lace that my Nanna gave me, and a desperate need for earrings racks for my growing collection.  And this is what I came up with.  I think its a beautiful simple way to display my earrings.  Although this is for my jewelry studio, I could see this in a bedroom for a personal collection as well.  

I just cut the strips of lace the same length.  I used push pins to attach them to the wall.  I stretched them pretty tight across b/c I knew the weight of the earrings would pull them down a bit.  I also folded in the edges to make a thicker, more sturdy base for the push pins.  Thats it!

Im excited to share some more photos of my finished studio soon!  Ive been enjoying every day I get to work in there.  I have some fun and exciting things Im working on, so creating a space that is highly functional and time saving has been a high priority.  Its been quite a challenge, but its coming together.  Id love to see a photo if you decide to do this for your own jewelry collection!