Exciting stuff happening all around >>>

 Lots of excitement has been going on over here in my little world.  Two days ago we had a family reunion at my Nanna's, so I got to see lots of family I havent seen in a while.  It was a very nice time.  Then last night we got a call to come up to the hospital b/c James brother's baby was born in an emergency c-section.  It was delivered before we got there, but Im so glad we at least got the chance to see him through the window in the nurses station.  He looks just like his mommy.  And we are so proud and happy for Mark, James brother.  Such an exciting time for them!  So now James and I are aunt and uncle to another little precious baby boy.  Maybe its about time we make a little girl for this family :)

And in other news, my friend Shauna of Poor Pitiful Pearl was featured in today's Quit Your Day Job series on etsy.  Im so excited for her!  She totally deserves this honor, and her interview is quite amazing and inspiring, worth reading...

I have been listing new items all morning in my Roots and Feathers shop, and will continue throughout the day.  I have over 60 new items to list!  I woke up this morning with a sore throat, total bummer.  Ive been drinking lots of hot tea, taking vitamins, eating soup and even took a nap already.  Its really bad timing for me to get sick, so Ive got to take good care of myself. 

I have lots of fun things coming throughout the week, including more giveaways and awesome diys!  Have you entered the That Vintage giveaway yet???