Featured Seller on Etsy >>>

This day has been a long time coming...  For a month and half now I have been keeping a HUGE secret from you guys and Im so excited to finally announce it!  Today, I am the featured seller on etsy!!!  When I got the email I plain just about freaked!  The timing of it was amazing.  As most of you know, I recently lost my father, and I was starting to really feel lost and go crazy.  But as soon as I got this email, it gave me something to work towards and put my energy into everyday.  It has been the biggest blessing I could ask for.  As the past few days have been creeping up, Ive felt myself growing more and more nervous.  Excited and nervous.  I really have no idea what to expect.  All I know is that Ive worked my little butt off this past month for it.  

This morning I put on my game face.  Along with my sweatpants, Im wearing my favorite teddy bear shirt (as my armor) and my big black glasses (as those silly black stripes that football players wear).  Im dressed and ready to go!  Grrrrrrr!!!! 

Id like to give a HUGE thank you to etsy for believing in what i do enough to feature me on their front page.  Its such an honor.  I feel like my hard work and vision are from the heart, and are really paying off.  Im just so so so honored.

For the next week I have some really amazing guest posts lined up for you guys!  Some of my alltime favorite girls will be spreading their love with 'feather' inspired diys, photoshoots and lots more!  You will not be disappointed with my short absence.