Guest Post - Paper Feathers DIY - Sookie Says & A Cup of T >>>

I love this adorable and versatile DIY by Leah of Sookie Says and Tia of A Cup of T.  They show you 3 different ways you can use these paper feathers below!  These two girls are not just adorable, but crafty in every since, and they are best friends!  You can see a cute lookbook they recently did together here

*leah is wearing her Skyline Fever shirt below*

Supplies: (besides pictured)
~paper and fabric scissors
~yarn, lace, ribbon etc
~ embroidery hoop or wire hanger molded into circle
~water and paper towels for food coloring
~any other creative supplies you can think of!

First, we made our feathers. We went ahead and cut out all kinds of different size feathers with our paper.

 *We started with food coloring by taking handcut paper feathers and folding them and dipping them in the food color bowls at various can get really creative/messy with this!! have fun with it! after we made plenty we laid them out on paper towels to dry.

 *Next we cut fabric to the size of our paper feathers and used pipe cleaners as our stem and glued the fabric to the paper backing (you can use any kind of glue, we used Mod Podge and hot glue for the trickier fabric!! Fabric glue would probably work best).

*After we were satisfied with our feather selection, we took paper scissors and slit them all the way up the sides, diagonally.

Then we put it all together! We used the dyed paper feathers for our "Feather & Lace Mobile" by punching holes and tying yarn and lace around a hoop.  Simple and Sweet!

We used the brighter, fabric covered feathers for a banner! we just cut the pipe cleaners at different lengths and attached them to some heavy yarn by wrapping the pipe cleaner... Easy Peasy!! 
And after all of that, we used the left over feathers to use as packaging decorations!!:) 
*i adore how it looks in their home space with these vintage pillows*